Personal Trainer, Life Balance Programs, international Teams in United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, etc. 




Personal Training Professionals

"Royal Private Coach" Personal Trainer Team is a great selection of the best Coaches in your city. Quality Management is the foundation of our work, all trainers get yearly tests and certifications. We do the best to guarantee the highest Level of Private Training and really nice and friendly services. Of course you can also book a full Team of Trainers with different Expertise, every Coach has a special field of background, experience and character, for example outdoor fitness and yoga/life balance is a great combination. 



Corporate Fitness Management

If you want to book us for fitness and life balance programs in your company, you can make your choice out of authentic programs like personal training, yoga & consciousness, qi gong, life coaching, meditation, boot camp, cross fit, flexi bar, pilates, impulsing, wellness treatments, etc. It is also possible to arrange Fitness Workshops, Seminars, Life Balance Programs for your Executive Team, Wellness Treatments, Health and Spiritual Consulting, Retreats etc.